Time to dream

Time to dream

I read the other day that creative people are the luckiest.  Artists will have committed themselves to long periods in their studios developing their process and concepts and are therefore best able to use this time of enforced captivity to bury themselves in new work.  Regard this time, it says, as like an artist' residency, a time to explore fresh ways of doing things, such as fresh imagery, new materials, different proceses and bigger ambitions for the work.

I do intend to take this advice, but so far it is just talk. We are at Day 2 of the total Covid19 lockdown (Level 4) and my head is skittish and unfocused in spite of my daily yoga/meditation practice.  The news is dramatic, alarming and a bit exciting and I can forgive myself for a lack of focus on my art, it feels like it is a low priority compared with making contact with friends, sharing news and coping techniques. Needless to say my phone has been in my hand a lot.

However, I managed to get new clay at the last minute, a different clay from what I normally use and I like to think will make a change to the way I work and the finished piece. Images of possible new forms have popped into my mind at odd moments of the day or night and I try to document them but mostly I don't and they've gone.

Research online is good, many of the public art galleries have their art photographed and available on their websites, Pinterest is always a good source and so is my own studio which contains lots of my earlier pieces that I haven't sold but that still please me.  This is my next step.

Posted: Friday 27 March 2020