Kay Bazzard, the Writer

Kay Bazzard – the writer

I am a New Zealand freelance writer based in Hawke's Bay and writing about a range of subjects; but mainly on gardens of Hawke's Bay and the issues facing Baby Boomers.

Since 2006 I have contributed a regular gardening story to the Hawke’s Bay Today.  I am lucky indeed to have visited more than three hundred beautiful gardens most of them in the Hawke’s Bay Region, listen to the story being told by the gardener, take photos, write it up and see it published as a magnificent spread in our regional daily newspaper. Hawke's Bay Today >>more>>

BayBuzz magazine also publish my feature articles.  In an ongoing series about issues facing Baby Boomers the first of whom turn 65 this year. Statistics NZ calculated that between 1946 and 1965, 1.125 million babies were born in New Zealand – 77% more than in the 20 years before the baby boom began. A bulge in the birthrate that was unprecedented in our country’s history.       >>more>>  BayBuzz.co.nz

The Best Years of our Lives  Empty Nests Families Apart >>more

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