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  • 20-21 Sept workshop. This workshop is very popular but there are a few places left. Bring an image of someone you want to model in clay, it is challenging but with low numbers on the workshop you will be supported and will create a satisfying sculpture. See photos from the last Head workshop on this website.
    Posted: Friday 15 August 2014
  • Over the weekend we modelled from our own hands and feet, studying the anatomy, movement and lots of reference images to create our pieces of work. They are now drying and will be fired in a few weeks.
    Posted: Monday 21 July 2014
  • A group of potters from Keirunga (Havelock Nth) are collaborating for an installation of birdhouses to be exhibited at the Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition, Hastings in November. Based on the forms created by American potter, Stan Bitters, we are using brick red terracotta and forming rounded birdhouses which will all hang together from the copse of olive trees at the Russell's Round Pond Garden, the venue for the WSE. It is great to have a focus for experimentation on a totally different form.
    Posted: Tuesday 3 June 2014
  • Five workshops will be held at the Keirunga Gardens Homestead in Havelock North this year each one offering a new subject area. To find out more look at the page headed Workshops 2014.
    Posted: Thursday 20 February 2014
  • Rosemary's sketch
    Rosemary Stead is an fine watercolour artist who attended all three of the Clay Bodies workshops in 2013. Here is her sketch of work in progress.
    Posted: Thursday 19 December 2013
  • Clay bodies Head workshop took place this weekend 16-17 November at the Keirunga Homestead in Havelock North. Eight participants seven had never made a head in clay before but produced some remarkable likenesses. On Sunday eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair were added and the alien forms from the day before became beautiful and recognisable likenesses.
    Posted: Sunday 17 November 2013
  • With two full workshops in September and October, a repeat of the Head workshop is scheduled for 16-17 November (see Workshops page). This workshop is also in high demand but please contact Kay if you want to attend, there may be a cancellation.
    Posted: Monday 28 October 2013
  • This workshop on 19-20 October is also being held at Keirunga Homestead and focuses on modelling a life-sized human head. Participants from the Clay Bodies workshop in September are keen to attend this workshop as well having made some beautiful figure sculptures which are currently drying in preparation for firing. Contact Kay to enquire about a place. 06 8771182
    Posted: Sunday 22 September 2013
  • The Clay Bodies workshop happened this weekend and some beautiful figures were produced by the 11 participants who attended. I'm now gearing up for the next one 'Forming the human head' when the group will be working on life-sized heads on the 19-20 October. Venue is the Keirunga Gardens homestead, such a beautiful venue for something like this.
    Posted: Monday 16 September 2013
  • I am hosting a workshop in Havelock North 14 & 15 September, two days devoted to shaping a sculptural form. No more than 10 people, still have a few places left, contact me if you want to know more.
    Posted: Friday 30 August 2013
  • 7-11 August at the Cloud on Princes Wharf. Very vibrant and an interesting experience with many of the Dealer galleries promoting their artists' work. I went to try to get a handle on how dealer galleries operate compared to the commercial galleries that I deal with.
    Posted: Tuesday 13 August 2013
  • This is a gallery and cafe worth visiting and great to break the journey to Auckland, go through the mainstreet of Cambridge, over the bridge on the Waikato River and take the road towards TeAwamutu. Turn right at Kaipaki Road,great food and a lovely collection of art, paintings and ceramics mostly. Mine too of course.
    Posted: Tuesday 13 August 2013
  • This week I have made four forms of a size that fits into the hand. Using a handful of paper clay I push and prod the clay into a smooth pod-shape human form, pushing the limbs into shape, incising the folded legs and arms around the body, extending a slender neck and an expressive turn to a fine head shape. I smooth the surface with the pads of my fingers, then take a wire to cut the form in half in order to hollow it out then reseal the cut.
    Posted: Saturday 27 July 2013
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday organised by Hastings City Art Gallery and ideaschool at EIT, this was for artists to share knowledge, encourage collegiality, try new ways of sustaining our work. Sessions were very useful, best effect is the nudge factor, prodding us into new ways of promoting ourselves and collaborating. Many thanks to all involved.
    Posted: Sunday 14 July 2013
  • Back in the studio
    At last, back into playing with clay. Three new figures now drying on the shelf, a stylised reclining nude and 2 similarly posed but different building methods.
    Posted: Monday 8 July 2013

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