Artist's statement -

Artist's statement: Forming the human figure in clay

Why the human form? My chosen form of expression is through figurative studies. 

Kay Bazzard, Artist statement

I love sculpting in clay – I find its tactile, malleable qualities therapeutic, but what makes it so satisfying as a medium is that it invites infinite forms of expression.  

My ceramic practice focuses on the human figure and through it I explore the human psyche as expressed in gesture, expression and movement.I draw on my own emotional history and from observing and interpreting the moods and behaviours of others. 

The focus is also on anatomy, likeness and proportion, which have become inherent through life drawing and practice with the human body in clay over 17 years. 

Each piece is hand built and unique in form and posture. Daily practice in the studio has allowed me to play with different types of clay and firing temperatures, experimenting with a painterly finish by layering oxides, stains and glazes, multiple firings or sometimes just firing the clay  to a natural finish.

I am an observer of life and that is what I am interpreting in my ceramic figures.