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  • TIKA TONU Exhibition
    Thirty-four Maori artists show their work in Hastings City Art Gallery. Kay Bazzard writes about the significance of cultural design traditions for these artists who focus on the traditional values and motifs and make them relevant to their lives, now.
    Posted: Monday 21 September 2020
  • Posted: Monday 31 August 2020
  • as selected for EAST in November 2020 at the Hastings City Art Gallery
    Posted: Monday 31 August 2020
  • Posted: Monday 31 August 2020
  • Posted: Monday 31 August 2020
  • On 25 March 2020 the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern announced that NZ was at Alert Level 4, Total Lockdown for an initial period of 4 weeks.
    Posted: Wednesday 15 April 2020
  • Work in progress
    Posted: Thursday 2 April 2020
  • Getting started is the thing.
    Posted: Wednesday 1 April 2020
  • Posted: Wednesday 1 April 2020
  • Time to dream
    Seeing the possibilities of the Covid19 lockdown
    Posted: Friday 27 March 2020
  • Earth, Wind and Fire
    2020 successful exhibition closes
    Posted: Sunday 2 February 2020
  • Earth, Wind and Fire exhibition
    Opening 17 December at Muse Gallery, Havelock North
    December 17 - 25 January 2020

    20 raku fired ceramic figures make up this collection of expressive female forms that look as if they've been caught in a gale on the way to a party.

    The girls were such fun to make as their attitudes and poses emerged from the clay on my bench each one an individual.

    See the catalogue on the Muse website....
    Posted: Wednesday 18 December 2019
  • I have become very excited about the possibilities of Raku firing my figures and in collaboration with a friend who owns a raku kiln have experimented with this form of finishing my work. Exhibition of 20 Raku fired standing figures opens on 16 December at Muse Gallery Havelock North.
    Posted: Saturday 26 October 2019
  • The figures are first bisque fired in an electric kiln. A white crackle glaze is brushed on and fired in raku kiln to 1000degC at this point the lid is removed from the kiln and with metal tongs the red hot figures are removed with metal tongs and placed into a tin bucket of sawdust. Flames flicker on contact with the extreme heat of the ceramic form and a lid is placed on top shutting off the supply of oxygen.

    Once cool the pieces are removed from sawdust and washed to remove ash and sawdust. The effect is the glaze has formed crackles and the black markings is the carbon from smoke entering the surface of the clay and cracks in the glaze.
    Posted: Saturday 26 October 2019
  • Sunday 24 March I travel first to Osaka for an adventure with friends that takes me to explore the culture of Japan. We arrive in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival and take in the ancient cities of Japan, Kyoto and Kanazawa and walk the Nakasendo Trail in the mountains, the route of Shogun entourages of 16th century to pay annual homage to the Emperor in Tokyo. We will learn about the ancient traditions of ceramics during our visit to Kanazawa and visit the museums
    Posted: Thursday 21 March 2019

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